About Us

     It was early 2015 and a group of mountain enthusiasts were winding down after a long day enjoying everything the backcountry has to offer. They were all doing what most do after getting out of their gear: They were throwing on their favourite mountain themed T-shirt, hoodie and hat, getting ready for the next day, having some supper and sitting around the fire. Sure your clothes may have your favourite mountain gear's logo big, bold and bulky right across the chest, but is the quality and comfort really there?
     This is where the idea for an extremely progressive and clean cut mountain clothing brand, Alpyne Apparel, was born. It is a company built on four core values: comfort, style, quality and price. We wanted to develop a brand that produced go-to products used by mountain enthusiasts on and off the mountain. The gear was to be something stylish yet comfortable and high quality without the high quality price. 
     Our company slogan "Strive for the Summit" truly represents the passion we put behind our products, keeping them to the highest standards possible. But most of all, those four words represent our customers and followers. Strive to be the best in all aspects of life and have that reflected in the clothes you wear!
                                                                                                                                              Cole Flath, President